I Want …….

The list is very long ;)  But today I am wanting one of Anna Chandler’s gorgeous antique fragment tiles.

Anna’s beautiful range of wall art offers an array of pattern and colour with a distinctly exotic flavour.

Sources include antique Chinoiserie silks, Japanese obis, Chinese embroideries, Persian tiles and tapestries from around the world.

She also combines many of these images to create beautiful and eye-catching colour patchworks.

Each print has a beautiful “aged” patina that makes it look authentically old!

Anna’s amazing collection of prints and indeed her entire product range can be viewed at http://www.annachandler.com.

Over the years I have purchased various Anna Chandler prints for those very special to me, but still do not own one of my very own :(

Honestly, I think I could find places in my home for each and every print in the collection, but I am not greedy – one will do (for starters). But which one (hahaha)???

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,


All images in this post are from http://www.annachandler.com



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The Heat of the Matter

I do love a wood-burning fireplace!

When we bought our home, one of the many “features” of the living room was a questionably placed slow combustion fireplace. The brick hearth it sat on jutted out nearly to the middle of  the, not particularly large, room.  Given it did not heat the open plan living space very effectively, and in the interest of reclaiming some much needed space, we removed it and had ducted gas heating installed throughout the house – a decision I have never regretted – instant heat is a wonderful thing!! (I also found it to be a wonderfully worry free heating solution with young children around – no chance of burns or heaters knocked over etc.)

I do however, miss the ambiance of a wood burning fireplace.   It is not so much the sight and smell of the crackling fire (afterall, they can be quite messy), but the  suggestion of warmth and coziness that a fireplace mantle lends to a room. It never occurred to me I could have the mantle without the fireplace itself.

But that has all changed. I was so inspired by images like this one in Maria’s beautiful home over at Dreamy Whites,  this one of Lauren’s at Pure Home Style and also  Lori’s kitchen mantle over at Frugal Farmhouse Design .  In each instance a real depth and warmth has been added to the room – not to mention a great surface to display one’s treasures.  My mind was made up.  I NEEDED a fireplace mantle. So with these images in my mind, I started my search. Enter ebay.

It took a few months of research, watching the auction prices and a lot of patience and restraint.  More often than not mantles sold for close to or  upward of $200, but I was determined not to pay more than $75.  My patience paid off because look what I got:

Isn’t she beautiful – Antique Fedreration Oregon Mantle – $61.00.  I am a very happy girl!

And  I have just the right place for her.  Will keep you posted on her progress.

Have a great weekend!


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new kid on the blog

AS with many things, I have come quite late to the world of blogging.  It has only been about six months now since I started exploring this brave new world.  But since discovering so many of you out there, I have become quite addicted.  I have found myself  pouring daily over an ever growing list of blogs  (maybe that is where my year thus far has disappeared to!?! – see  here).  I have discovered a whole community of talented, energetic, generous, creative people, who have a passion for the same things I do.  I have loved logging on each day  and seeing into your homes,  finding wonderfully creative ideas for decorating, being entertained by your stories and feeling enriched by the beauty you have shared through your blogs  (Is all this gushing a bit too much???).  It has inspired me and filled me with enthusiasm in my own life. So thank you :)

For all this time  though, I hate to admit, I have been guilty of lurking – you know, reading along, sharing in your lives,  but never commenting – well not very often anyway. Maybe it is because I am naturally shy, or maybe it was laziness. Either way –  I am sorry. I have much to learn about blog etiquette, it is true. But, no longer shall it be all one way.

I invite you to read along as I chronicle my inspirations, projects, renovations, creations and everyday adventures living in my Mountain Treehouse.  As I begin , my head is bursting with ideas. I am excited to get started,  and looking forward to seeing how this blog unfolds and where it takes me.  But most of all, I am looking forward to meeting all of you.

So welcome to Mountain Treehouse Living.


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As mothers, we look after people. We are the carers. Its what we do – naturally.  So what happens when the carer needs to be cared for?

Having spent the last couple of weeks nursing the family through the flu, as it passed from one member to the next, I have finally fallen victim to it myself.  It has to be said – i feel exceedingly unwell. So this evening, as I finished the sports run, assisted with the homework,  cooked the dinner and negotiated the evening chores, I found myself wishing my Mum was here to look after me.

Feeling the need for an early night, as sleep is the only real cure, I made my way up the hall to the bedroom, and what did  I find? – My darling 13 year old daughter has taken it upon herself to look after me. She has remade my bed,  hot water bottle under the sheets, placed a bottle of water on my bedside table,  made me a chamomile tea and placed my laptop on the bed so I can read in bed.

Maybe it is exhaustion and the fragile emotional state that comes with illness,  but her gesture has made me quite tearful.   I now know I will feel better tomorrow – because she looked after me tonight.

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Wake Up and Smell the (Christmas) Roses.

Winter in the Mountains = hellebores (image from theinsiredgarden.net)

I woke up this morning and half the year was gone – well almost! It is Winter. What happened? Where did it Summer and Autumn go? All that time – gone. I was genuinely shocked. Wasn’t it New Year’s Day just last week?

Five full months  of 2010 have passed and what have I achieved? Not much!!! Well, quite a lot really, what with 3 children, a busy school and sports calender, a menagerie of animals to tend to and a house and a husband to run. But not much has been crossed off my personal to-do list – and believe me it is a long list.

In many ways this year is a milestone year for me.  My husband and I will celebrate 15 years of marriage, I will have lived 10 years in this house and this town (the longest I have been settled anywhere in my adult life) and I am approaching 40 (OK, so it is still a couple of years way – but it is looming!).  This is my life and time is a wasting.  Things have got to change.   I have been thinking and watching for too long. Now is the time for action.  So lets get on with it. But where to begin?

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