As mothers, we look after people. We are the carers. Its what we do – naturally.  So what happens when the carer needs to be cared for?

Having spent the last couple of weeks nursing the family through the flu, as it passed from one member to the next, I have finally fallen victim to it myself.  It has to be said – i feel exceedingly unwell. So this evening, as I finished the sports run, assisted with the homework,  cooked the dinner and negotiated the evening chores, I found myself wishing my Mum was here to look after me.

Feeling the need for an early night, as sleep is the only real cure, I made my way up the hall to the bedroom, and what did  I find? – My darling 13 year old daughter has taken it upon herself to look after me. She has remade my bed,  hot water bottle under the sheets, placed a bottle of water on my bedside table,  made me a chamomile tea and placed my laptop on the bed so I can read in bed.

Maybe it is exhaustion and the fragile emotional state that comes with illness,  but her gesture has made me quite tearful.   I now know I will feel better tomorrow – because she looked after me tonight.


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