I Want …….

The list is very long ;)  But today I am wanting one of Anna Chandler’s gorgeous antique fragment tiles.

Anna’s beautiful range of wall art offers an array of pattern and colour with a distinctly exotic flavour.

Sources include antique Chinoiserie silks, Japanese obis, Chinese embroideries, Persian tiles and tapestries from around the world.

She also combines many of these images to create beautiful and eye-catching colour patchworks.

Each print has a beautiful “aged” patina that makes it look authentically old!

Anna’s amazing collection of prints and indeed her entire product range can be viewed at http://www.annachandler.com.

Over the years I have purchased various Anna Chandler prints for those very special to me, but still do not own one of my very own :(

Honestly, I think I could find places in my home for each and every print in the collection, but I am not greedy – one will do (for starters). But which one (hahaha)???

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,


All images in this post are from http://www.annachandler.com



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2 responses to “I Want …….

  1. Mountain Man

    Your husband is a very lucky man. You sound like a sweet and beautiful wife and mother. I hope your man is thankful for everything you do, especially the wonderful, artistic and cosy home you’ve created for him.

    All the good ones go early!

  2. Hi Nahdi! They’re all so very pretty!!!

    I’m glad your magazine arrived safely and that you are enjoying it!!!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

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