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The Heat of the Matter

I do love a wood-burning fireplace!

When we bought our home, one of the many “features” of the living room was a questionably placed slow combustion fireplace. The brick hearth it sat on jutted out nearly to the middle of  the, not particularly large, room.  Given it did not heat the open plan living space very effectively, and in the interest of reclaiming some much needed space, we removed it and had ducted gas heating installed throughout the house – a decision I have never regretted – instant heat is a wonderful thing!! (I also found it to be a wonderfully worry free heating solution with young children around – no chance of burns or heaters knocked over etc.)

I do however, miss the ambiance of a wood burning fireplace.   It is not so much the sight and smell of the crackling fire (afterall, they can be quite messy), but the  suggestion of warmth and coziness that a fireplace mantle lends to a room. It never occurred to me I could have the mantle without the fireplace itself.

But that has all changed. I was so inspired by images like this one in Maria’s beautiful home over at Dreamy Whites,  this one of Lauren’s at Pure Home Style and also  Lori’s kitchen mantle over at Frugal Farmhouse Design .  In each instance a real depth and warmth has been added to the room – not to mention a great surface to display one’s treasures.  My mind was made up.  I NEEDED a fireplace mantle. So with these images in my mind, I started my search. Enter ebay.

It took a few months of research, watching the auction prices and a lot of patience and restraint.  More often than not mantles sold for close to or  upward of $200, but I was determined not to pay more than $75.  My patience paid off because look what I got:

Isn’t she beautiful – Antique Fedreration Oregon Mantle – $61.00.  I am a very happy girl!

And  I have just the right place for her.  Will keep you posted on her progress.

Have a great weekend!



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