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Wake Up and Smell the (Christmas) Roses.

Winter in the Mountains = hellebores (image from theinsiredgarden.net)

I woke up this morning and half the year was gone – well almost! It is Winter. What happened? Where did it Summer and Autumn go? All that time – gone. I was genuinely shocked. Wasn’t it New Year’s Day just last week?

Five full months  of 2010 have passed and what have I achieved? Not much!!! Well, quite a lot really, what with 3 children, a busy school and sports calender, a menagerie of animals to tend to and a house and a husband to run. But not much has been crossed off my personal to-do list – and believe me it is a long list.

In many ways this year is a milestone year for me.  My husband and I will celebrate 15 years of marriage, I will have lived 10 years in this house and this town (the longest I have been settled anywhere in my adult life) and I am approaching 40 (OK, so it is still a couple of years way – but it is looming!).  This is my life and time is a wasting.  Things have got to change.   I have been thinking and watching for too long. Now is the time for action.  So lets get on with it. But where to begin?


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